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When Laura and I started Learning to Lead, we knew we wanted to form Mastermind groups. A Mastermind group is a small group of people who meet consistently to encourage, collaborate, challenge, promote, and resource one another.

Our group has been meeting for just under one year. It’s been such a valuable experience. In this post, I want to share what we do in our Mastermind group along with how we do it. I hope that you will be challenged to start or join your own Mastermind group. 

If you would like to join our start a mastermind group through Learning to Lead, please e-mail Doug Smith at dougsmithlive@gmail.com or call him at 412-297-1041.

What Our Mastermind Group Does 

We Encourage Each Other – I believe that encouragement can change everything for someone! Sometimes, people need encouraged that they are doing better than they think they are. Sometimes people need encouraged to go after the dreams in their heart. As a group, we are committed to consistently encouraging one another.


We Hold Each Other Accountable – Since we share our goals with each other, it allows us to hold each other accountable to making progress on our goals! We usually don’t need accountability on goals we know we are going to achieve. However, we all need accountability on the goals that have been on our goal list for a long time that we keep putting off because of fear.

We Collaborate with Each Other – As much as we can, we collaborate. We give each other advice, help each other dream bigger, and share our networks with each other. We try to show-up to each other’s events, help promote each other’s dreams, connect people with our network, etc.

We Help Each Other Go Further, Faster – One member of our group recently started a LLC. He said he’s been wanting to do it forever, but never pulled the trigger. However, as a result of being in our group, he started it! I know for me personally, I’ve grown immensely by being a part of this group. I think all the members of our group would tell you the same thing about their experience.

We do Life Together – When we started our group, I thought we’d meet for 9 months and then encourage everyone in the group to start their own groups in order to mentor other leaders. However, I’m finding that a lot of young professionals my age are looking for a consistent group of people to do life with. They don’t want to start new groups every 9 months. That being the case, I’m noticing that our group is becoming more and more like  family than it is a small group. We pray together, laugh together, make memories together, and go after our dreams together.

How We Run Our Mastermind Group

Our group meets twice a month. Although we’ve continued to change and adapt the way we format our meetings, here are the elements we currently include in every meeting:

  • Wins – We go around and quickly share if we’ve had any wins since we last met that were significant. We celebrate with each other.
  • The Hot Seat – Each week, one member of the group is on the hot seat. They are to come with a goal that they are focused on and need help with. They inform the group about their goal, what they are doing to achieve it, and then ask the group questions in order to solicit feedback. Then the group helps brainstorm ideas to help them. The next time the person is on the hot seat, they have to update us on what action steps they took, how it turned out, etc.
  • Leadership Challenges – We ask anyone if they have a specific leadership challenge they are facing now that they want discussed. If there is, we discuss it.
  • Leadership Resource Discussion – For each group, we have everyone read a book or an article, watch a TED talk, or listen to a podcast and then we discuss it.
  • Goal Reviews – Once a quarter, we review our progress with our goals for the year with the group. This helps people stay accountable and reminds everyone in the group of what each person’s goals are so they can help them achieve them.
  • Prayer Requests – We go through the group and see how we can pray for each other.

We would love for you to join our start a mastermind group through Learning to Lead. If you are interested, please e-mail Doug Smith at dougsmithlive@gmail.com or call him at 412-297-1041. 

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  • Would love to join your group starting in about April or so. Just moved back from Washington, D.C. Plenty of ideas as to what to do next, need help in paring it down and getting it all started.

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